Flat Bar

Flats are basically thin strips of mild steel with the thickness of the strip varying commonly from 12mm to 100mm though thicker flats are also available. Flat bars may be considered the most basic of steel structures. Its applications range from construction to machine fabrication.

Special Features

  • Pilling and automatic tying of the structurally ensure minimum damage during handling and transport.
  • Tension free rolling in the Light and Medium Merchant Mil.
  • Packing : Bare, in strapped bundles

Sizes : Available in 19 mm - 50 mm Width, 6 mm - 12 mm Thickness

   Round Bar

We supply high quality, strong and durable Round bars for the different industry like construction industry that are ideal for use in Scaffoldings, Fastener Applications and Cold Drawings.

Sizes : Available in 9.8mm dia to 23.2mm dia


This is a structural material with cross section of 90 degree angle. The dimension is determined by the length and the thickness of the two sides. If the lengths of the two sides are equal, it is equal angle, otherwise it is unequal.

It is used in all construction activity. The most common length available is between 10m to 12m. The quality of our angle bars is highly appreciated in the market which has led to higher orders and demand for our products. These are used as structural steel.

It has wide application in construction, heavy automobiles. We offer Rust-free and corrosion resistant steel. The most commonly found steel angles are formed at a 90 degree angle and has two legs of equal length. The sides are either equal or of different sizes, if one leg is longer than the other then it is known as UNEQUAL angle. The steel angles of various strengths like HT/MS are formed as required by different applications.

Sizes : Available in 25mm to 50mm


A channel is a right angle "C" section. They are also called C Channels. Along with beams, channels are mainly used in structural applications. Mostly MS Channels are used as supports and guide. These are roll-formed products. MS Channels are usually applied in the automotive industry as well as heavy machinery industries. Generally, there are 3 types of mild steel channel, they are:

  • Plain Channels
  • Lipped Channels
  • U/C Channels

Sizes : Available in 25 x 4 M.M. to 25 x 8 M. M.


We provide a wide range of MS Joists which are made from superior quality mild steel and are durable. Our range of mild steel joists are designed to offer an efficient shape to the architecture and buildings. All the products have extreme resistance towards heat and corrosion, which make them withstand all kind of external environment conditions.

Sizes : Available in 100 x 50 M.M. to 600 x 210 M.M.

   Square Bar


  • Mainly used for engineering component, forging industries, grill fencing etc
  • Size 8x8mm to 25x25mm
  • Rolling tolerance is same as round bars.
  • We also take special orders in EN8, EN9 or any other equivalent grade with specific dimensional requirements